About Us

It’s kind of funny the way life wanders and how someone eventually comes to own a shave ice and ice cream truck…in Columbus, Ohio.

Growing up in Obetz, Ohio, a core memory I have are summer walks to the neighborhood ice cream shop. Needless to say, I’ve loved ice cream my entire life – especially with my grandmother.

As a movie lover, reader and adventure seeker in my “coming of age” years, I couldn’t wait to experience life beyond the Mid-West so when I left for the military as a 20-year-old kiddo, I was beyond thrilled to be sent to Schofield Barracks.


Army stuff

Basic: Fort Jackson – “Always Forward”

AIT: Fort Gordon “Charlie Rock”

MOS: 31U “Commo”

Permanent Party: USARPAC 84th Eng Bn “Never Daunted”

Hale'iwa Town Sign Entrance
North Shore O’ahu – Hale’iwa Town

Knowing I’d never be this lucky again, I enjoyed every moment. I became friends with locals, lived across the street from a “private” beach getting to listen to the ocean every night and down the street from Hale’iwa Town where I was introduced to a local favorite – shave ice.

Shave ice is nothing like the crunchy, syrup-at-the-bottom snow cones I grew up with (and really never enjoyed). Instead it is soft, fluffy snow that absorbs the syrup so every bite has flavor. Add in ice cream and toppings like sweetened condensed milk (aka snow cap) and mochi and OMG! Mind blown.

For three years, I lived down the street from the now world famous Matsumoto’s – which was just a little shack back then. Shave ice and loving Hawaii, the people and culture has stayed with me for the decades since returning home.

What was it like living in Hawaii in the late ’90s?

It was awesome!

Fast forward many moons later, I daydreamed about having a little ice cream shop in my own neighborhood – so I started a little ice cream cart to knock on the door of entrepreneurship.

As I grew, I wanted to incorporate past joys and experiences in life – family, friends, Hawaii, vacations, treats – into the ultimate vision of Chilljoy. Read more about that here >>>

I’ve since moved from knocking on the door to stepping through into this nutty world of small business ownership. No matter where this journey takes me or Chilljoy, I hope you’ll come along for the joyride.


noun: a sweet and cool moment of pure happiness