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find us chilljoy around town
Thelma around town at Columbus College of Art and Design

You can find us open seasonally from Spring (May-ish) to Fall (September-ish) – weather dependent.

Kindly remember, stuff happens sometimes that we cannot predict so our schedule could change at the last minute and without notice.

Here are the three best ways to stay up to date on our public schedule.

  1. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (be sure to mark “see first” in your settings so we do not get lost in your feed)
  2. StreetFoodFinder (SFF) app which features all food trucks in Columbus (be sure to add us to your favorites list)
  3. Our Chilljoy Calendar below (dates are always being added throughout the season).
find us chilljoy at denison university
Chilljoy at Denison University!

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