Our Menu

Have an ice day!

We are obsessed with Hawaiian style shave ice, real ice cream and all things frozen treatery like. We only source the highest quality products and ingredients and where possible, buy local.

Shave Ice (Hawaiian style)

Our Ice

So fun to watch the chilljoy experience.

We honor the traditions of Hawaiian style shave ice by using block ice made from purified water and shaving it to the softest, fluffiest snow you can find in Central Ohio.

Learn more about why it is called shave ice and not shaved ice.

Our Flavors

For our syrups, we offer both real fruit based and traditional options.

The real fruit made puree flavors are exactly that – made with real fruit and just incredible!

Our traditional syrups are no less amazing because we make it using only pure cane sugar and purified water – absolutely no added preservatives. This ensures the freshest syrups possible. We source our concentrates directly from the experts in Hawaii and take pride in our quality and flavor line-up that includes unique tropical flavors. We do carry the most popular flavor on the planet (we think) – Blue Raspberry – as a Mid-West favorite or simply for the kid in all of us!

Pick your size, flavors and add-ons to create a one-of-a-kind frozen dessert.

Flavor options may change in our menu based on availability.

Ice Cream (Hand-dip style)

Our menu features premium, locally sourced and Ohio Proud real ice cream and sorbet options. We currently carry Johnson’s Real Ice Cream brand based out of Bexley, Ohio.

You can get your favorite flavor(s) in a bowl, cake or waffle cone.

Typical flavors we carry include: vanilla, chocolate, salty caramel chocolate pretzel, buckeye fever, raspberry chocolate chip, cookies and cream, mango sorbet and seasonal favorites.

Customize your scoop(s) with many of our delicious topping options and take your treat to the next level – Sundae style!

Sweet Venture Bowls = shave ice + ice cream + toppings

Our Sweet Venture Bowls are the ultimate Chilljoy experience featuring:

  • our soft fluffy shave ice,
  • premium ice cream or sorbet,
  • delicious, unique toppings.

Try one of our featured favorites, weekly specials, something creative from our (not so) secret menu or build your own.

New for 2022 Soda and Tropical Floats & Slushies
Tropical and refreshing float options – mango sorbet + POG Hawaiian Sun!

TROPICAL FLOATS: Our Hawaiian Sun drinks make PERFECT tropical floats…just add one of our sorbets for a refreshing frozen dessert option.

SODA FLOATS: We are adding Ohio made soda to our drink options making it incredibly easy to start offering classic style floats to our line-up.

SLUSHIES: We have the ice and all-natural flavors, just ask to make your shave ice slush style and we’ll make it happen.

Shave ice (Hawaiian style)

Real Ice Cream

Popsicles – A grab and go option!

We love supporting local makers and thrilled to offer gourmet pops from both Too Good Eats and Rime Time Curiously Crafted Pops.

These pops are all-natural and incredibly delicious for that grab-and-go option. Flavor options may vary based on availability.

Extras to personalize your treat (Sundae or Hawaiian style)

li hing mui (sweet, salty, savory)

Take your tropical shave ice creation to the next level with this amazing blast of flavor like nothing you’ve ever tasted.

chocolate syrup
whip cream
snow cap (sweetened condensed milk)
azuki beans (sweetened red bean)
coconut flakes (all-natural, no sugar added)
mini-mochi (sweet rice cake)
boba (when available

waffle cone
fresh fruit

additional scoop
ice cream stuffed shave ice

  • Hawaiian Sun: This all-natural drink is perfect on a hot day. Pair it with our sorbet for a unique tropical float.
  • Soda Shoppe: New for 2022, we’re adding Ohio made soda as an oldie, but a goodie option enabling classic options like a root beer or orange float. Our line-up may vary based on availability.
Puppy Cups

Don’t forget the doggos (or horses, cats, etc.). They will just love our shave ice and vanilla ice cream bowl topped with beef broth and pup sprinkles! Or just plain ice or whip cream or vanilla ice cream…whatever is best for your fur friends.

*ALLERGY DISCLAIMER: We will make every effort to accommodate those with allergic reactions to allergens such as nuts and gluten, but we cannot guarantee with 100% certainty that the products we source have not already come in contact with potential allergens. Most products we offer are sourced from facilities that may come in contact with these allergens.