Well Hello There!

Welcome to Chilljoy! It’s nice to meet you!

Where we headed?

Check out our schedule.

If there is no address, we’re either headed home for the day or on our way to a private event.

Also, major sorry if you got stuck behind us. Our vintage truck is a bit of a land turtle – a major slow poke.

She cute though!
Take a pic!

Take a picture with our truck (we love selfies) and share it to social for $1.00 off a treat. Show us your post when ordering and we’ll hook you up!

Tag us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok @chilljoyvibes or use the hashtag #chilljoy

What’s inside the truck?

Check out our full menu!

Shave ice and ice cream and floats and popsicles! So much goodness!

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